Basic Beginner


The Basic Beginner level addresses all language modes including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The primary emphasis is on oral communication. The classes are structured around the themes of goal setting, health literacy, employment, entertainment, and independent living. Students explore social issues, current events, and American politics and history.

In-class activities include role playing, student-to-student interviews, writing sentences, and mock phone conversations. Basic subjects such as visiting a doctor, holidays, weather, and entertainment are covered. Students learn the alphabet, days of the week, numbers, basic vocabulary, and greetings and introductions. Students also focus on pronunciation basics, including initial and final consonants and the different vowel sounds.

For grammar, students study the following:  subject pronouns, the simple present tense, the simple past tense, the future, negative verb forms, prepositions of time and place, and question form.

Samples of Basic Beginner Students’ Writing

My name is Silvania.  My family lives in Brazil.  I have a father, mother, a brother.  I have two boys and a girl.  My family is good.  I have a nice family.  I like my family.  I really like America, but I have to go to Brazil.


My name is Carmen Che.  I’m from Guatemala.  I live in Boston.  I’m 22 years old.  I have two children.  I miss them a lot because they are in Guatemala.  I miss my family because I have been away from them for two years.  I am a student at the Adult School program and I’m very happy to be in this program to learn English.  Thanks for the opportunity they give us.


My name is Ludbin Gudiel.  I live in Waltham, MA.  I’m from Guatemala City and I came 5 years ago.  I work at Russo’s store.  I have been cooking at this store for 4 years.  I like this work.  My family lives in Guatemala.  I haven’t seen them for 5 years and I miss them.


My name is Karla.  My family is from Brazil.  I have a mother, a father, a brother, one son and one daughter.  I love my children.


My name is Maria Santos.  My family lives in Brazil.  I have a mother, a father, a brother.  My family is good.  I have a nice family.  I like my family.

Maria S.

My name is Joel.  I love my family.  I have a mother, a father, a brother, a sister and a little and beautiful niece.  I have a very close family.  Part of my family lives in Guatemala City and some live in Boston.  In my family we help each other.  My family likes to travel.  When we are together, we will go all the places.


My name is Nicolas.  My family is from the Dominican Republic.  I love my family.  I am happy in my school.  I like my job.  I am a good student.  I have two daughters and one son.  I have a good teacher.


My name is Raquel.  My family is from Guatemala.  I have a father, a sister and a friend.  I live in Allston.  I have two children.


My name is Maria Alvarado.  My family is from El Salvador.  I have a mother, a father, a brother, a sister.  I live in Allston, Massachusetts.

Maria A.

My name is Silvia.  My family is from El Salvador.  I have a mother, a father, and a sister.  I live in Brighton.  I am happy in Boston.  I work in a restaurant.


I am Adriana Nunes.  I have a big family.  They are in my heart.  My family is present of God.  I have 1 sister and 4 brothers.  I like to learn English.


My name is Santos.  My family lives in Boston.  I have three sons and three girls.  I have one brother and three sisters.  I love my family.


My name is German.  I’m from Honduras.  I am a happy man.  My family lives in Honduras.  I like the noise of the wind.  I like the smell of the flowers.  I have 3 kids.


My name is Marta.  I have one daughter.  My family is small.  I have one sister and one brother.  My family lives in Guatemala.


My name is Maria Coronado.  I am married.  I have three children.  I am a mother.  I have three brothers and four sisters. I live in Allston.  I came to Boston a year ago.  My mother and brother live in Guatemala.

Maria C.

My name is Martina.  My son lives in Maryland.  I have seven children, six in America and one in Guatemala, four sons and three women.  I have nine grandchildren.  My family is good and special.





“Maria” by Olivia

Maria is intelligent.  Maria helps me clean.  She is important.  I love Maria.  She lives with me.  She is studying English.


I am 36 years old, and a student from Guatemala.  My family lives in Allston, MA.  I have 2 sisters, Vilma and Miriam.  I have 2 brothers, Hector and Nelson.  They are hardworking.  I live in an apartment with my brother Nelson.  I love the classes, they are beautiful and very important.  I like my classmates, they are happy.

“My Daughter” by Gerardo

My daughter is important.  For all, when she needs to talk with me, she always says, “please Father.”

“My Brother” by Gerardo Martinez

My brother is very tall.  He likes to play basketball, because he is very good.  He always played better than us.

“My Mother” by Maria Cruz

I am sad because my mother is in Guatemala.  Today is Mother’s Day.  I am sad because my family is in Guatemala and for me I am lonely in Boston.

“My Mother” by Reina Rives

My mom is important for me.  In this month, it is Mother’s Day.  I have one surprise for her.  She is my love because she helps me in everything.  She is a good mom.

“My Mother” by Ana

My mother is beautiful.  She understands me.  She is incomparable.

“My Son” by Maria Alvarado

My son works for plumbers and is happy.  He has two daughters.  He is good and intelligent.

“My Sister” by Pavel

My sister came to the USA from Estonia in 1998.  She works in a hospital.  She helps me to study English.  She likes it here.  She had a son in 2004.

“My Brother” by German

My brother is intelligent.  He works hard.  He has many cows.  He has a beautiful house.  He is very happy.