The beginner students are pictured with their teacher and volunteers at the end of the year celebration.
The Beginner level addresses all language modes including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The primary emphasis is on oral communication. The classes are structured around the themes of goal setting, health literacy, employment, entertainment, and independent living. Students explore social issues, current events and American politics and history.
In-class activities include conversations and interviews, journal writing, reading simple stories, and playing educational games. Students learn about holidays, parent-teacher meetings, current events, and social communication. Idioms and pronunciation are studied, and a variety of activities, such as dictations, fill-in-the-blanks, and picture stories are used.
For grammar, students review the simple and continuous present, simple past, and future tenses. In addition students also study negative verb forms, question forms, subject and possessive pronouns, and demonstrative adjectives.

Samples of Beginner Students’ Writing

I live in a building with four bedrooms.

I have a living room and kitchen.

I pay 2,100.00 per month it is expensive.

I live on the second floor.

I want to live in a house.

I need a laundry.

I need air conditioning and a patio, a big living room with parking an elevator a porch and a kitchen.


I live in my house.   The house has three floors.

I live in the bedroom on the first floor.

There are two bathrooms and four bedrooms. It has a big kitchen. It has a balcony.

I want to live in an apartment in the city center, because if I live in an apartment it feels very convenient.

In winter I don’t clean the snow.  I like close to a subway or a bus station and a supermarket or a hospital.

But, I like my house now.


I live in Brighton I like the neighborhood because it is a good place.

I live in an apartment whit two bedroom.

I like because it has a big kitchen end big living room and three walk closets.

I want to live in an apartment whit three bedroom.

I want to in a house that has a garden and three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

I want to live in Newton MA


I live now.

I live in a basement apartment.

The closed is too small.

I want to live

I want to live in a house.

I want two-bedrooms.

I want a walk-in closet.


I live in a big house I have 4 bedrooms, big kitchen.

I like my house because I have a patio and balconies

I want an apartment with the two bedrooms.

I want apartment and Chelsea because cheaper.

I want apartment with laundry and big kitchen.


I live in an apartment. There are three floors in the building.

There are two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom.

There are six windows in the apartment.

I want to live a big house, near the ocean.

I want to live in beautiful nature. It is my dream.


I live in an apartment building that has two bedrooms.

it has a living room

I want to live in Allston

I want to live in Brighton and have a big house.

I want 3 bedrooms and one living room end one small kitchen a 1 bathroom.


I live in apartment that has two bedrooms small kitchen big living room and small bathroom.

I love my apartment in Brighton center everything is close laundry, store, and schools.

I would like to move to a big house with four bedrooms one bedroom for each person a big kitchen big bathroom with jacuzzi big back yard patio, small pool two garages.


I live in four bedrooms one kitchen and one bathroom.

I like my house because it has a yard and balconies, and a patio.

I would like to move to big house five bedrooms one kitchen, two bathrooms a big yard and two garages.


I live in a big apartment with four bedrooms. I like it because there is not a lot of noise.

I want to live in Watertown good area and it’s cheap.

I want to live in Brighton in an apartment with three bedrooms, a big kitchen, and living room. I want to live in Allston because I like that area.


I live in an apartment there are two bedrooms and a nice kitchen.

I don’t have problem with my neighbors, but I don’t have laundry in my building.

I want a beautiful apartment that has laundry.

I want it to be affordable.


I live in an apartment with three bedrooms.

I like my apartment is too big.

I want to live one apartment with two bedrooms next to the bus stop.

I want one apartment with more space.


“My Mother” by Janata
My mother is a wonderful person.  She teaches me to respect people.  She took me to school when I was a child.  She tells me something to make me happy.  She gives a lot of love.  Oh, I can’t forget, she gave me money when I was in Brazil then.  I love her so much.
Anchorage Saintus
I am from Haiti and I am a student.  My family lives in Haiti.  My mother’s name is Ruth, she is 63 years old and my father has passed away.  I have 1 sister and her name is Estelle.  She is a nurse and she is 41 years old.  I like my classes.  There are 6 boys and 8 girls.  I like my classmates, they are my friends.
Erik Roman
I have a brother who is working as a mechanic but does not work inside the garage every day.  Governor Patrick is helping the people and he is not working in Washington.  Messi is a famous soccer player who is practicing soccer on the field and not in the street.  My best friend Carmen is not working at home anymore she is working at a day care.
I am a student from Guatemala.  I am 27 years old.  My mother is 46 years old and my father is 50 years old.  They live in Guatemala.  The names of my siblings are Ana and Eduardo and they are students too.  Ana is 19 years old and Eduardo is 19 years old. I live in an apartment with my girlfriend, Carmen.  I like the classes, they are active and happy, and my classmates are intelligent.
My mother is living in Honduras and she will visit El Salvador.  The President in Honduras is Pepe Lobo.  I like the president.  Enrique Iglesias is my favorite singer, he is always on the T.V.  Bedalma, my best friend, is living in my country, Honduras.  She is not coming to the Unites States this year.
Jorge A. Lopez
I have five sisters and one brother.  My brother is living in Honduras now.  Our President Obama is trying to stop the war from Libya and he is not taking a vacation.  I like Wayne Roney because he is a famous soccer player.  My friend Jose is studying in Honduras and does not like to swim in the river.
I am from China. I am a student in Allston, MA.  My family lives in Adamson.  My father and my mother have passed away.  I have 1 sister and 1 brother.  My sister’s name is Gin Kan and my brother’s name is Xing Kan.  I live in a house with my husband, his name is Sherman.  I like my classes, I am happy with my teacher.  I like my classmates, they are beautiful.
Sandra Hernandez
Both my mother and brother are living in Guatemala.  They work but are not working too hard.  The Guatemalan president is Alvaro Colon who is helping the country.  He is not telling lies.  Ricardo Arjona is my favorite actor, he talks on American Radio shows a lot.  Yessy, my best friend, is working hard in Guatemala and is not studying right now.
I am from Bolivia. I’m a student in Allston, MA and my family lives in Bolivia.  I have 1 sister and 1 brother. My sister’s name is Lourdes and she is 43 years old and a teacher.  I live with my daughter named Monifer.  I love my classes, they are fantastic. All of my classmates are nice and I like them too.
Jesus Paz
I am from Honduras and I am a student.  My family lives in Honduras.  I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers.  My sisters are Delia, Gloria and Elsa.  My brothers are Alfonso, Rodolfo, Elder and Hugo and they are 10, 18, 20, and 26 years old.  I like my classes, they are beautiful and fun and all my classmates are friendly.
“My Family” by Lisandro Sical
My family is little.  I have only one brother.  My family likes to watch TV.  I love my family.  We’re very happy every day.  I want to be with my brother, Xavier.  I’m proud of my family.
“My Family” by Jahnata
My family is so nice.  My mother is very good.  She made me happy a lot of times when I was with her.  She gave me too much love.  My little sister is intelligent.  She is well-behaved.  She always is happy.Then I have two more sisters.  Their names are Pamella and Alanna.  Pamela helps me with English.  I try to talk with her always in English.  Alanna always wants to play.  Then my father is very nice too because he explained me about bad things and helps me with everything that I need.  I love them.
I am from Guatemala and I am a 26 year old student.  My family lives in Guatemala.  I have 1 sister and 6 brothers.  My sister’s name is Yeny and she is 15 years old, she is a student.  The names of my brothers are Estuardo, Donal, Felix, Daniel, Ludin and Jaime.  I live in an apartment with my husband, Manuel, and 2 daughters.  I like my classes, they are fun.
I am from Honduras and I am 29 years old.  I am now a student.  My family lives in Honduras.  I have 1 sister and 1 brother. My sister’s name is Adriana and she is 20 years old and also a student.  My brother Jorge is 32 and he is a doctor.  I live in an apartment with my husband, Jose.  I like my classes, they are interesting and my classmates are very nice.
I am a student from Brazil.  My family lives in Medford.  My father is 84 years old and my mother is 69 years old.  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  My sisters are Mene, Luiza, and Hain.  I live in with my husband named Elder.  I love my classes and classmates, they are funny.
Monica Solares
My brother lives in Virginia and he is not working.  We are from Bolivia and I like our President Hugo Chavez.  My favorite actors are Elizabeth Taylor and Andres Garcia. They are not making movies right now.  My best friend’s name is Raquel and she cooks dinner and sometimes we talk on the phone!
Jose Antonio De Souza
My father is living in Brazil and likes to dance.  He works a lot and does not have a lot of time to dance.  I like my boss too, he makes jokes and is not the owner of the building.  Sylvester Stallone is my favorite actor and he is going to visit Brazil next year.  My best friend named Paulo is looking for a job because he is not working at the moment.
Hector Vasquez
My sister lives in California and she is not working right now.  We are from Guatemala. I like politics and I think that our President Alvaro Colon is not very honest.  My favorite actor is Tom Cruise and he does not play soccer.  Carlos is my favorite friend, he paints pictures and does not sing like I do.
I am from Guatemala and I am 30 years old.  My family lives in Guatemala.  I have 1 sister named Karla and 1 brother named Victor.  Victor is a mechanic, he is 28 years old.  I live in an apartment with my brother. I like my classes they are fun.  My classmates are very nice.
Mirna Martinez
My father buys the garden to play.  And there our children and more family come to play with him.  I love him.  I am happy for that.
“Mother and Brother” by Ludbin
My brother is intelligent.  He makes dinner for me.  He’s my teacher about food and my mother is the best.  She is my teacher about life.  They are wonderful.


I am a 37 year old student from the Dominican Republic.  My family still lives there.  My sister Sandra is 35 years old and she is a lawyer.  My brother’s name is Richard and he a mechanic.  I live with my 2 children, Maylin and Wilmar.  I love my classmates and classes, they are always nice and interesting.