Food For Free

Food For Free

Bridging the gap between waste and want since 1981

Food For Free rescues fresh food—food that might otherwise go to waste—and distributes it within the local emergency food system where it can reach those in need.

Through a combination of food rescuefarming, and transportation services, we give food programs year-round access to fresh fruits and vegetables, while our delivery program brings food directly to isolated seniors and people with disabilities.

Our programs address not only short-term hunger, but obesity, diet-related disease, and other long-term health effects of food insecurity and poor nutrition.

In addition, food rescue—also called salvage or gleaning—reduces food waste.

In the last year, Food For Free

  • Distributed 2.1 million pounds of food
  • Diverted 2 million pounds of food from the waste stream
  • Partnered with more than 100 programs in 11 Greater Boston cities
  • Helped to feed 30,000 people

Food For Free is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Find out more about Food For Free at their website.