Intermediate Level

The intermediate students are pictured with their teacher and volunteers at the end of the year celebration.

The Intermediate level addresses all language modes including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The primary emphasis is on oral communication. The classes are structured around the themes of goal setting, health literacy, employment, entertainment, and independent living. Students explore social issues, current events and American politics and history. Every student is encouraged to participate in each class.

In-class activities include role playing, filling out forms and applications, interviewing skills, paragraph construction, reading articles and both full-class and pair discussions. Students learn common idioms and slang, as well as synonyms and homonyms. Volunteers are used as adjunct teaching assistants.

For grammar, students study the following: adverb clauses; imperatives; the future conditional; modal verbs; making polite requests; using transition words; all verb tenses; correct adjective use; the use of “get” with a past participle; and the use of “when” to indicate the future.

Student Writing

The Beach 

            I went to the beach when I took a trip to China this summer.  I walked at the beach.  I played in the sand with my children.  We found some crabs and shells at the beach.  We lay down on the sand and enjoyed the sunlight.  We had a good time at the beach in China this summer. 


Summer with My Children 

          Last summer, I had a lot of fun with my children.  We went to the park to play outside.  We also went to eat together.  We ate ice-cream and drank cold juice.  We enjoyed last summer doing a lot of things together. 



        This summer I went with my family to a river.  We swam in the cool water.  I saw a big rock and the river was deep.  The water is cool from the river because it comes from the mountains.   We couldn’t stay too long in the river because the water is too cold.  We had a nice time with my family at the river. 


The Beach 

          This last summer I went to the beach in Rhode Island.  I swam in the ocean.  I walked on the beach.  I lay down in the sand and felt the sun.  I love the summertime. 


Coming to the USA 

          In August this year, my family and I came to the USA.  We found an apartment for us.  We visited the Harvard Museum and the Boston Public Garden.  I took my daughter to the library to play and sing.  I enjoyed the summer with my family.