Volunteers and Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers assist the students and staff in countless ways. We welcome you to join our team of volunteers.

To volunteer, contact our Program Director, Michelle Duval via e-mail:  m.duval@live.com

At GPA, we are fortunate and grateful to have a few volunteers who donate their time and talent to support our overall mission:

Melissa Banta works as a curator at Harvard University. Her specialty is historical photographs (Harvard has over 10 million of them). She also works at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. She writes about the history of the Cemetery, where many famous people were buried. She has three children and lives in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Allison Barkauskas has volunteered at ESOL programs for 2+ years helping people learn. She went to school for Economics and Education and appreciates being able to use her education background to contribute positively to her community. Allison works as a Business Account Manager at a large e-commerce company in Cambridge.

Sam Bessey has volunteered at ESOL for almost a year helping adults learn english. During the day he works as a chemical engineer in the Biotech industry designing new  production facilities. Prior to the ESOL program he also tutored adults in the math section of the GED.

Alissa Parra works on the publishing team at an education non-profit in Brookline. She moved to Boston from Washington, DC, earlier this year. A graduate of Boston College, she’s happy to be back and excited to be getting involved at Gardner Pilot Academy.

Holly DeLong started volunteering at GPA in October 2016. She chose to volunteer at GPA because she is an ESL teacher. She has a degree in Linguistics and taught a variety of levels and classes in an intensive English program at Ohio University for seven years. She became an ESL teacher because she loves meeting and working with people from around the world, learning about different cultures, and helping people who want to learn English achieve their goals. She is so happy to have the chance to work with students at GPA!