Low Intermediate

The low intermediate students are pictured with their teacher and volunteers at the end of the year celebration.

The Low Intermediate level addresses all language modes including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The primary emphasis is on oral communication. The classes are structured around the themes of goal setting, health literacy, employment, entertainment, and independent living. Students explore social issues, current events and American politics and history.

In-class activities include the use of picture stories, personal stories, informal interviews, and short writing assignments. Students learn how to talk about money, write short notes for others, and both follow and give directions. Students learn about phonics, spelling, and parts of speech. Students learn vocabulary and idioms related to the current class themes.

For grammar, students study the following: count and non-count nouns, the infinitive verb form, the future tense with will, the past continuous tense, the simple past of irregular verbs, the use of there + be, the modal auxiliary verbs can, should, and have to, and adjectives.

Samples of Low Intermediate Students’ Writing

When I was 24 years old, I had my son and I gained a lot of weight. I was 180 pounds and I felt very sad and depressed.  My friend said to me, “Carla, I have had good experience with my nutritionist – did you want to try?” I said yes and I lost 40 pounds. I felt so happy with my friend’s advice.

It was very hard for me, but I did it.  I think for many people, it is hard to lose weight, but I had to learn if somebody gives me advice, I need to try it. With good advice, we can change important things in our lives.


When I was thinking of coming to America, my father gave me some good advice.

My father told me, “if you want to go to America, this is good for you because America is the school of the world and you can do many things there.  You are young.  You have time to make a better life.”

I believed him, and now I will learn English.  I will come to school twice a week.

My plan is to find a job where everybody speaks only English.


When I came to this country, someone told me when you come to the U.S, your life changes.  If you like to work, you can have anything.


When I was 8 years old, I had a problem with my family because I went to my uncle’s house with my little brother. At that time, my brother was 3 years old. We were playing all together with my cousin, but I forgot my little brother – oh God!! My brother went to the yard and my uncle was putting a big pot to boil for sugar cane and my brother wanted to take some cane juice. He thought the juice was good, but when he tried to take the juice, the cup went inside the boiling water and he burned both hands because everything was hot. My family gave me a big spanking.

The advice in this case was I had to take care of and pay attention to the little ones.


When I was 18 years old, I needed to find training for my degree.  I arrived at my house from vacation and my friend called me. He advised me that his company needed people in the area of electronic machines.

I was helped with advice. I began working and later I received a promotion.


When I was 14 years old, I left my house because I had to travel to a different country for work. My parents cried a lot and told me, “Be careful, you get this job and this opportunity and make your life. Because you don’t like school, you need to start work young.”


When I was 19 years old, I got pregnant. I had gotten in to the university at that time.

I didn’t know if I would continue with my studies. My mom talked with me and she told me that I should be strong and that I should continue with my studies to improve my future and I could give my daughter a good future too. Those words were very important for me.

I continued in the university. Then my princess was born a few months after that and also I graduated 4 years later. It was the best advice my mother gave me. My mother is my best adviser. It was the best because I’m an example for my daughter and I can help her with her homework and also I can give her advice for her life.


When I was 14 years old, I had  a crazy head  because I loved all black things for clothing, shoes, and make up for my eyes and my lips every day. I got a tattoo. Now I regret it because I caused a lot of problems for my mom. But now I’m a different person.

Blanca M.

When I was 12 years old, I had a problem because I did not have people for advice.  I did not have opportunities to study.  I worked hard for my family, but I left my house because I had problems with my mom because my mom has ten children, but I loved only two, but I resented my mom until now because when I was a child, I needed my mom.  My daughter needs advice.  I talk about everything with my daughter.

Blanca C.


Adalgiza Negrete

Right now my sister is living in Chicago and she is not going to school. I am from Ecuador and the President, Correa, is not working very hard. David Ortiz is my favorite baseball player. My friend Dora is feeling sick and she isn’t working now.

Maria Marquez

My mother lives in Honduras and doesn’t like to play soccer like some people do. President Ricardo Maduro is working hard and getting up early. Andres Garcia is writing a new book and I like him a lot. My best friend has a new baby boy and isn’t working now.


I am a student from Ecuador. My family still lives in Ecuador. My father is 74 years old and my mother is 63 years old. I have one sister, Victoria. She has a student and she is 38 years old. I live in a house with my husband and my son. I like my classes a lot. My classmates are funny.


My son loves to play soccer at the park. The Governor Patrick is working all day and sometimes alone. William Levis is my favorite actor and he speaks English. Angela is my best friend and she is cooking dinner for me!

“My Best Friends” by Joao Ramos

If I saw my best friends, I would first hug them like crazy. After that, I would ask them questions like, “How was your flight? How was Brazil?” Or, “Did you have fun there?” Then, I would look at them and I would pour my heart out. What I mean is that I would tell them how much I missed them and how it was hard not seeing their faces or hearing their voices. I bet that they would say the same thing to me. I might even start to cry a little bit because I didn’t really imagine that it would be so hard being away from them. I bet that after all that, we would hug again.

Careers Then and Now by Carlos Ixen

When I was a child, I wanted to be an athlete because it is nice to represent your family and your country. I liked running, soccer, and cycling. I played soccer every day at school during break time. In the summertime, I still like to play soccer and also basketball all weekend. Now, I would like to work in assembly or repair aircraft because I’d like to help with technology and industry.

Postcards to…

“Dear Bralis”

I work every day. I take the bus every day. I am going to school. I live in Allston. I clean my house. I watch tv and I cook. I clean my bedrooms and listen to music. I am happy.


“Dear Helen”

I go to church every week. I go shopping in the supermarket, and go to Dunkin Donuts every day. I am going to school every day, and I see my family every day. I am happy every day.


“Dear family”

This is a good moment, because I am writing a letter to you. I’m happy with my new life. I met a lot of new friends. Actually, I got a job as a painter, and I started English class at the Gardner school. By the way, that school is near my house. I miss you so much. I remember the good times we had together.

I’m loving the life here.

From Boston with love,

“Dear Dora”

I am writing from Boston, MA. I am staying for a few months. Sometimes I will go to the cinema, to watch new movies. Today I am writing. Next time, I will message you.


“Dear Ivone”

I am writing this letter because I am feeling homesick. I have a good job. Boston is a beautiful, large city with nice entertainment. Sometimes I have parties with meat the (_____). It is great! Next month I will write a new letter. I have good news!



“Dear Helen”

My life is very busy at home because I have three daughters. Two live here, and one lives in the Dominican Republic. I live in Boston myself, my family lives in the Dominican Republic. I cook every day. I put my daughter on the school bus, I clean the house, I read books with my daughters. Also, I am sad, because I haven’t seen my other daughter for ten years. My two daughters are very happy in Boston.

They love this country, and I love this country too. Maybe I will see my family next year.


“Dear Ha”

I’m writing to you from Boston, MA, USA. Boston city is old and small but very beautiful. People are very friendly. On the weekend, my family goes to the park, the museum, and the farm. Every day, I take my daughter to go to school. Then my son and I go to the library near my house. My husband works in the university. He works very hard.

Right now, I am learning English and writing to you. My classmates come from many countries. They are happy and friendly. I have lived here six months. I feel homesick. I miss my friends, my students, and I miss you.

Huyen Phan

“Dear Helen”

Hello! Every day I take the bus to work. I pick up my son, go to my house, cook, eat, take a shower, watch tv and sleep.


“Dear _________”

I am writing you this postcard because I want to tell you how it is in Boston now. It is nice weather, no more snow. Some days it is a little hot. The spring is starting. Soon I will be seeing flowers. Maybe next month I will have a cookout. I work hard to make some money. Maybe I will take a vacation in the summer time.

I miss you,