High Intermediate

The high intermediate students are pictured with their teacher and volunteers at the end of the year celebration.

The High Intermediate level addresses all language modes including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The primary emphasis is on oral communication. The classes are structured around the themes of goal setting, health literacy, employment, entertainment, and independent living. Students explore social issues, current events, and American politics and history.

In-class activities include role playing, filling out forms and applications, interviewing skills, paragraph construction, and reading and discussing articles. Students learn common idioms and slang, as well as synonyms and homonyms.

For grammar, students study the following: the use of the modal auxiliaries should, have to, must, and must not, all verb tenses; the conditional and imperative form of verbs; the use of if clauses; comparative and superlative adjectives; adverbs; the prefixes, suffixes, and roots of nouns; object pronouns; and possessive adjectives.

Samples of High Intermediate Students’ Writing

Vanishing Voices

To be one of only four fluent speakers of one language is something amazing…and sad. That’s what happens in Mexico, with the Euchee Language Speaker Kasa Henry Washbou. He is an 86-year-old man who drives 10 miles every day to teach his descendents, all children. At the same time, to be one of those kids is a gift. If I were one of them, I would not miss one class. It is like being a living dictionary. When one native language is gone, with it goes ancient wisdom and knowledge, as medicine and others.



Some religions and cultures believe that when someone dies, their spirit stays here on earth, wandering until their loved ones go to church and pray a mass so the spirit can be released and find its peace.

However, there is another conception, a little bit on the contrary. There are some people who believe that the spirits can protect them, while others want to release the spirits. There are those who believe that they will secure and chase away darkness, so they do cults, worshiping, singing and releasing smoke while they ask for their protection, purification, support and care.


Mythical Creature

In Brazil we have a very popular mythical creature called “Saci Pererê.”

Saci Pererê is a black boy with one leg. Even though he has only one leg he is capable of walking and doing anything like any boy with two legs. He lives alone in a forest and he is always naked, wearing a red hat and smoking a pipe!

When I was little, I got very upset about Saci Pererê because he was a very uncommon person. I could not understand how a little boy could live by himself without adult supervision, with no parents. I didn’t know how he could survive in a forest with all those wild animals and why he didn’t have any clothes. And he shouldn’t have been allowed to smoke because he was too young for it.

I didn’t like Saci Pererê, but I felt sorry for him. He wasn’t as lucky as I was. I had a family, a house, my bed, my toys, my clothes, etc…



I heard about a legend in my country. My grandmother told a story about a horse without a head. She explained everything.

When you became a bad boy, lied, did not do homework and if you beat your brother, the horse without a head would show up.

I was scared. I did everything that my grandmother told me to do. It was a cultural story in my country. Now, I think that it is funny. I remember it until now.


La Llorona

I will talk about a myth of a lady that had a baby. In the story, they said she loved her baby so much but one day the baby died. She was so sad that she died from crying, but the story said that every night after she died, she was out in the street crying and saying “My baby! My baby!” Almost every night she was crying for her baby.

So in the city, most of the moms said to their kids “If you keep crying ‘La Llorona’ will come and will take you with her”, that way the kids would behave. I remember my mom used to say that to me that way I could be good or behave with her and I was so afraid of the lady that I stopped right away when I was crying for any reason because I was so afraid of her.

This myth is from Guatemala, specifically from Jutiapa, where I come from.


Las Hermanas Miraval

I will talk about President Trujillo. He was the dictator in the Dominican Republic in the 1930’s. He liked the three sisters Miraval. Two of the sisters were married and the younger was in college studying law. The President didn’t want her to study. The two sisters’ husbands were put in jail, and after that he lived with the other three sisters.

Then Trujillo killed the sisters. The family wrote one book called Las Hermanas Miraval.


Saci Pererê Legend

In Brazil, where I grew up, there is a story about this little kid we call Saci Pererê. He has only one leg, he jump jumps and smokes cigars and he has a hat on. When I was a child, I was very scared of him, but time passed and I grew up and found out that it is just a folk tale that the people just passed around for so many years…


Pink Dolphins

The Indians call the dolphin to Viara and they say it is the God of rivers and the protector of the fish. They live in the water and transform themselves into humans. They are half-humans. They love parties and they are friendly. Pink dolphins take beautiful girls and then get them pregnant. The girls don’t know who the father is.



Iara was an excellent Indian warrior and her brothers were very jealous of her because her father was so fond and proud of her. So they planned to kill her. While they were deciding on how to do it, she heard the evil plan. Then she became so angry and she was the one that killed them instead. But her father found out and as a punishment he killed her and threw her in the river. So, the fish saved her and because of the full moon, she was transformed into a mermaid.


I have no idea about what to write, therefore I’m going to try to make my first English poem.

My poem runs like this…

… I’m going to ask for the moon
To bring shine just for your hair
and make clear your sway.

I’m going to ask for the sun
to reflect on your earring
And make warm your day.

I’m going to ask for the snow
To fall only on your Christmas tree
and make bright your party.

I’m going to renew my pop, the question,
every single day of our sharing life.

I’m going to dive into the ocean
And fish all the stars to catch and put them in your aquarium.
I’m going to fly into space
And on all the stars let your name written …


This picture gives me a lot of memories about my childhood. I used to ride a horse in my grandma’s farm, who had a big and famous farm. Big because she had miles of pasture and famous because of homemade cheese and ice cream.

During this amazing ride, we could see the mountains around and a big rock where the people jumped using parachutes. My grandma had many horses and one of them was my favorite. His name was Trovão, or Thunder, and he was beautiful, all brown with a white spot on his neck.



“Dream Soccer” by Marcio Alvez
When I was a child, I had a dream to become a professional soccer player.  I saw many games on TV and on the weekends, I used to go to the stadium to see games.  My father gave me some advice.  He said, “I think it would be better to study journalism to become a professional in the future.”  I decided to try soccer first.I knew a guy in the stadium.  He promised to help me in my dream.  My father was against it, but I insisted.I started well, but I got some injuries because soccer sometimes is very hard.  I was thinking about my father’s advice and I decided to go to university, but I’m not finished.If you have a dream, never give up.  Try new things.

“About Allston City” by Radha Ranamagar

Allston City is the best place to live for me.  First of all, it has good schools and universities.  Second, Allston has a clean environment to live in.  Next, it has an affordable shopping center to buy everything.  Also, Allston has the cheapest apartments to live in.

That’s why many people like to live in Allston, including me.  Everybody is welcome to live in Allston!

“To Lose Touch” by Adson Silva-Fernandes

I lost touch with all of my Brazilian friends.  In the last three years, I have been living so far away from some friends of mine.  Since I left my country, I lost some contacts and I have been missing all of my Brazilian friends, especially my musician friends.

If I could, I would bring at least one of them here: my friend Ded.  We would have a big party and would play together again.  I know that it is impossible.  I will have to wait and look to meet new friends.

“The Cat and the Rat” by Adson and Aleide

Once upon a time…
There was a Cat and a Rat, they lived in the same house.
The Rat thought he was really smart, when he developed a system to avoid the Cat.
Every day, when he woke up, he put his ear against the wall to listen for the Cat.

If heard the Cat, he waited go out, if heard nothing, he would go out to get his food.
One day, he heard something new:  Barking…
Then he thought, if have one Dog there must be no Cat.
He went out, to get his food.

But, before he knew it, the Cat caught him.
This was a surprise for the Rat, and he said to the Cat: Was that you?
Barking like that?
And the Cat answered: Yes, of course! In this globalized world if you don’t speak at least two languages, you can’t survive.

Renato Da Silva

My name is Renato B. Da Silva  I was born in a little town in brazil name Minas Gerais  in the main city of  Valadares. . When I was nine years old I discovered a sport I found so interesting and become my biggest hobby in my life, it is call BMX. BMX is stunt riding on rough ground or over an obstacle course on a bicycle. While living in Brasil I race BMX in many different cities and states. I was well known in a lot of cities that even one time by picture and an article was in one of Valadares well known newspapers talking about how good I was.

I move to the United States when I was 17 years old, since I came here,I been living in Allston . Around 1997 I met my wife who told me about a track near town, so i started to going every Sunday to race against people my age. As years went by I got better and better that I went from novice to Expert. Novice is the lowest you can start and expert is the highest you can reach before becoming a pro. Pro is when you can be sponsored by a team to race for then and get professionally paid and everything else free, such bike and all the required equipments and all traveling expenses. In 1998 I become the state champion for whole entire Massachusetts state. The following year I won the number one US title for the North East. In 2009 my biggest accomplishment in BMX was to make the U.S.A team  to go to Australia to be one of their riders. I did not go because I responded to late to the U.S.A cycle. Until today date I race all over the country to different states such as Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesse. Florida,Delaware, Virginia, New York, New Jersey and many more. last December I race one of the biggest races in BMX that is call the President Cup in Ohio I rank number 14 in the U.S.A. My biggest dream and goal that I want to accomplished for next year is to be one of the riders to represent Brazil or U.S.A in the 2012 olympics in London. The only way to make that dream come true is by practicing a lot  and some more hard training. On the other hand  my only obstacle is that I am a parent of three beautiful children who need my attention and affection and it is very hard to  achieve that with my children’s since BMx takes a lot of my time.

“I Like My Hometown, Allston” by Ze Shen

Allston is a good town.  I like to live here.  First, Allston is very close to my work.  Some nice days, I can walk to work and it’s just ten minutes by bicycle.  Second, it is near the Mass Turnpike.  It saves my husband time to work.  Third, there is a supermarket near my home.  We are very convenient to shopping.  Also, it’s close to the Charles River.  We can exercise on weekend days.  Also, I have a very good friend who is my neighbor.  Finally, the neighborhoods are nice and the people are friendly. You are welcome to move to my town and become my neighbor.

“English Classes Changed My Life” by Sara Bautista

I am a 30-year-old woman and I want to share with you my experience at this school.

When I first came to the U.S.A., I didn’t speak English at all.  My daughter was two years old and she started to go to daycare.  I was disappointed because I couldn’t help her, even to ask for the bathroom.

Through the years, she started to attend this school.  It was worse for me because I wanted to help with her homework.

I decided to attend English classes at Southend School for two years.  Then there were not enough teachers so the director of the program decided to close.  However, I always read the Gardner Pilot Academy newsletter and I found out that they were offering free English classes and I started to take classes.  I began to feel more comfortable to go to the doctor, go to meetings, even speak to my boss (in English, of course).  I remember one day my boss said, “We do not have business any more.  You better go back to your country.  There is no future for you over here.  It is going to be impossible for you to find another job without speaking English.”

After that I started to look for another job and I found another, better than that.

Now I have a job and I am not afraid to speak to anyone in English.

My daughter’s teacher and the director of the school where my daughter attends ask me once a year to give a speech about my experience with all the programs they have.

And I encourage people who read this story to learn English and never quit because it is really important.  That is why I say, “English classes changed my life!”

“To Lose Touch” by Neuza Mauro

I lost touch with my friend Isabel after we finished college in 1990.  I never forgot her.  A few days ago, while I was checking my email, she sent a message to me by Facebook.  I became very happy to find my friend again after a long time; almost twenty-one years!  We talked a lot by phone, about many things: family, husband, children, jobs, etc. Now, I’m trying to find more friends by Facebook who I have lost touch with.

“My Daily Routine” by Fadwa Hamid

I am a mother of four kids and this is my daily routine:  I wake up at 7:15 a.m., I brush my teeth, take a shower to be ready for my day, and I make breakfast for my kids.

At 8:15 a.m. I drive my kids to school and I come back home with my little son.  He is three years old.  After that I clean the house and cook, sometimes I go to the store or go to the mall.

At 12 p.m. I make lunch for my son and myself.  Then I sit down, watch t.v., or do laundry until 2:10.  At this time I go to pick up the kids from the school.  When we get home I am very busy helping my kids with their homework.

Then my husband comes from work and all of us eat dinner at 5 p.m.  The dinner time is the best time for us as a family because we talk about our day.

Then my husband and the kids help me clean the dishes and we sit down to enjoy chatting or to play a game.  At 8:30 I give a shower to my two youngest kids, five and three years old.  At 9:30 all my kids are sleeping and I have some rest.  I make a cup of tea for myself and enjoy watching t.v. with my husband.

The best thing in my daily routine is after I drop off my kids at school because I have time to do a lot of things like reading a book, chatting with my friends, or going to the mall.  The bad thing in my day is the routine itself because I have to do the same things every day—like cooking and cleaning.

Usually this is my routine from Monday to Friday, but the weekends are different.  On Saturday and Sunday I don’t need to wake up early and I don’t need to cook because we go out to eat and we meet our friends at night or we go to watch a movie.  Sometimes we stay at home.

At the end, I enjoy my life with my beautiful family, my kids and my husband.

Valtecir De Oliveira
In 2005 I decided to make my first trip out of Brazil.  The economy there wasn’t good and I have a friend who lives here in Boston.  He told me about the jobs and how life is.When I got here everything was different:  the houses, people, smells, life.My first job was for a Brazilian guy.  There was no problem because Portuguese is my first language.  I was helping my other Brazilian friend build a house on Cape Cod.But when I got my second job that was difficult because I didn’t understand anything.  Then I started to study English.  I took classes at home for more than two years.One day I was talking to my friend and he told me about the program English for New Bostonians in the Garden Pilot Academy and then I took a test and here I am.  Now everything is changing.  I met great people like Rita my teacher and Michelle.  I have made new friends from other countries because now I can communicate with people in English, not just the Americans, but with people from other countries who speak English as well.

“Bob Dylan” by Aleide Silva Martinelli

Seventy years ago, one of the best singers that I know was born. His name is Bob Dylan.  His voice is very unique.  You can recognize him anywhere.  When he plays his harmonica, it’s spectacular.  I was eighteen years old when I listened to him for the first time.  I didn’t know what the words meant in his songs, but I loved them at first listen.

I lived in a small town in Brasil, so far from Bob Dylan, but his songs went very far.  We just knew that he sang peace and love, not war.  He influenced a whole generation.  I’m still feeling the same way when I play his records.  Yeah, I have LPs.

Happy birthday, Bob Dylan!

“My Dream Job” by Aleide Silva Martinelli

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up, no matter what.  I used to teach my classmates when they were not doing well in math and Portuguese.  I always earned a hundred percent in History and Portuguese.  Actually, I did well in all disciplines.

I grew up and I did not become a teacher.  I’m getting old and I’m still wanting  to be a teacher  I’m very good in my first language.  Now I’m in the USA and I’m studying English.  I’m not good yet, but I think I can be proficient one day – I hope not too far away.  I’m fifty years old.  I don’t have much time left!

Today, I’m sure I want to be a teacher in languages, Portuguese and English.

“To Lose Touch” by Aleide Silva Martinelli

I lost touch with my girlfriend Corina.  We went to the same school for four years.  She lived next door to my house since we were about twelve years old.  Then, when I was sixteen, I left my small town.  I still saw her for three years after, but after that, I never saw her again.  This morning, I was just thinking about her and wondering about her.  Maybe I ran into her somewhere, even here in Massachusetts. Why not?

What would I say to her?  Maybe nothing, just one big hug is more important than one thousand words.

“Writing My Dream” by Adson Silva Fernandes

When I was a child, I had no idea what could happen in the future.  I did not know exactly what kind of professional I wanted to be, but I remember that since my childhood, I liked to write.  Therefore, I believe it’s possible that there is some correlation between my childhood time and my present time because I have been enjoying writing.

However, if I could choose any job, of course it would be to work full-time for some newspaper.  Now I’m sure: I always wanted to be a writer.

“To Lose Touch” by Marcio Alvez

I have lost touch with my best friend in my country.  When I came here, I lost his address and phone number.  We used to travel, go to parties, and have fun.  I called my parents to find out what happened to him.  We did many things together; he’s a good person.

Hey, my friend.  Where are you?  Let me know.  I miss you!

“I Enjoy Swimming” by Ze She

I like swimming because it is very important for life.  First, it will help when dangerous things happen, like earthquakes or floods.  If we have swimming skills, we can save our lives.

Second, when you have swimming skills, you can enjoy exercising.  You can get in good health.  Also, in water, you can have a lot of fun.

Let’s go outside into nature to learn a lot of life skills.  It’s good for the future.

Autobiography” by Marcio Alvez

My name is Marcio. I’m the son of Rosali.
I like to enjoy life.
I’m afraid of war.
I like to speak with people.
I’m bad at cooking things.
I like to drink beer.
I enjoy my friends.
I live in Brighton.
I’m joyful.
I like to dance.
I’m easygoing.
I like to play soccer.
I’m worried about bad people.

“About Me” by Radha Ranamagar

Hi.  I am Radha.  I am from Nepal.  I was born in Nepal in 1965.  I came to the United States in 2005.  I am here only by myself.  The rest of my family is in Nepal.  I am trying to bring them here to the United States as soon as possible.  I am continually missing them.  My family also dreams to come here to the United States.  If we are together, everybody will be happy.

“My Dream Job” by Marcio Alvez

When I was a child, my father expected me to be a lawyer and my mother expected me to be a journalist, but I wanted to be a pilot.  I did not expect to do either of my parents’ careers, but I dreamed to be a pilot because you can travel to other countries, learn about different cultures, and speak different languages.  I think it is an interesting job to control a heavy plane in the air.  It’s so amazing.

If I could do any job now, I think that I’d work with computers because they are important.  Computers now are necessary for everybody.  They’ve made our lives better.  It’s my dream job.  Now I will try to go back to university.

“To Lose Touch” by Jailson Ribeiro

I lost touch with part of my family when I decided to come here to Boston.  It has now been five years and six months since we have been in touch.  We had many, many great moments there in Brazil.

So, I’m happy here, but I miss my family and friends so much that are living.  I always talk with them by phone and internet.  That helps to not miss them.

I hope to see all of my family and friends in a few years.  It would be a nice time.

“A Person Who Has Been Important” by Nery Kraus

My mother is the most important person in my life because she worked hard to raise ten children.  I know how hard it is to raise a family because I have two children.  She is wonderful.  I love my mom.  She was raised with her father because her mother died when she had her.   She is the best!

“Lose Touch” by Adriana Fonseca

I have lost touch with my friend Edivaine.  She lives in Brazil and I haven’t seen her for nine years.  I met her at school and we studied together for seven years.

I would like to see her again.  I want to know if she got married, if she has children, and what she’s doing.  Actually, I’d like to know everything!  In nine years, many things can happen.

I miss her.  She was a good friend.